Sunday 27 July 2008

Prior to move to Great Yarmouth.

Father decided to build a caravan in the front garden;this would be helpful in Great Yarmouth because the guest house our parents had purchesed was fully booked for the comming season.The caravan was duly built.Time to get it from the front garden onto the road;one problem the front wall;because the house was under sale; knocking it down was only a possibity.The village turned out to see this, itwas decided to place two boards each side of this 1metre wall and go up and over;ok. on the way up on the way down the towbar hit the ground and snapped.There was no to weld this fracture, so it was lashed together,then off to Great Yarmouth,myself and four brothers plus father,mother was in GreatYamouth.

Wednesday 23 July 2008

boyron sets up .

Hello fellow bloggers; Iam boyron new to blogging. Born 1938 Sheffield; in fact my first recollections were bieng taken to a bombshelter during an air raid by the luftwaffe during the second world war.They used the railway line near where we lived as a guide to sheffield; or so the story goes.Anyway my address at the time was 407 Retford road Woodhousemill nr. Sheffield. I attended Fence school until we moved to Great Yarmouth.